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nofightinginthewarroom said: Yeah, they were my exact thoughts about doing a masters too. No way I could have gone straight on to do an even longer, more in-depth and therefore somehow even duller dissertation. And now, it’s not worth the bother.

Aha I know, the first one was bad enough! It’s just lodged itself in my head as a silly niggling fancy right now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be over it in a week, and I remember last year telling myself ‘under no circumstances should you be tempted into doing a masters’ so I’m trying to just get back into that frame of mind ;) What are you up to these days?!

26 Mar

Eughhh I stumbled across the most perfect postgrad course ever today and it’s making me wish I was brave enough to attempt a masters. But getting through three years of undergrad study was hard enough and the thought of willingly putting myself through another year of tearing my hair out day after day over multiple essays, seminars, presentations and a TWENTY THOUSAND WORD DISSERTATION (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!) helps to render it considerably less appealing. Plus 1) money and 2) it would in no way improve my job prospects so…pointless.

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